Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Angel's Burger Franchise

Angels Burger
I've been to some popular street branches of Angel's Hamburger and the fact that others on its way failed to grow with respect to number of franchise, there are other struggling hamburger stores with which the same concept goes for their product selling system.

The technique is really simple. Offer a generic tasting hamburger to the customers and give them the extra promo of buy 1 take 1. Simple as that and you sell like hotcakes on the street. On the other hand, if you want to inquire to know where you can possibly get a franchise of Angel's Burger stand or street store, you will have to go through needle.

Why? It's because the store owners from what I have researched on the internet really does not want anymore franchise offers for their hamburger, probably because they do not want to spread the secret to the taste of their cheap burgers or hand the secret ingredient which for business investors like me really take it to our diaries.

Even if you've seen so many outlets and branches of other burgers stands or rolling stores out there from the Buena Bonita Burger, Scott Hamburger, Minute Burger and the like, many seemed to fail.

Scott Burger in UN Avenue
Scott was the first one I know that offered the "buy one take one" hamburger, even before Angel's Burger, the successful one emerged. I don't really know what happened to Scott if they didn't have the money or resources to make the business grow or they simply don't want to grow at all.

I admit it, I am in awe when it comes with the new and best-selling burgers of Angel’s Burger but I can't take out the fact that while others failed in the business to make the investment grow, Angel's did it in a flash. That is the reason why many potential investors are looking in to have a branch of their own somewhere in the streets out there. There are potential provincial put ups too based from an online research I did.

While many interested investors are looking to find Angel's Burger website or online presence, all of them have failed to find one. It's because the business owners didn't seem to opt in for an online website or presence for some reason. Could be tax or they could be afraid that the hype to the franchise will grow to the max and they are afraid they don't have the resources to handle it.

The concept of providing customers more of the quantity (probably) rather than quality seemed to take effect in terms of success but we must not put out of the topic the fact that while others have tried and succeeded for a short period, Angel's Hamburger did it and succeeded for how many years now.

The business concept offered a product that is short in taste but full in worth for your peso for a burger that you can buy 1 and take 1 for free. Other burger stores and franchise can't do it because they have the quality in their meat and patty. Examples of these burger stores and fastfood franchise are Wendy's Burgers, Jollibee, Mc Donald's KFC, Tropical Hut and more. If you want a franchise of Angels Burger, you can only find a short to none information in their Multiply website.

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